Obstacles of the police in carrying out the pre-determined programs of the Trinamool: Subal

# Agartala: The ruling BJP has won almost all the municipal council and Nagar Panchayat elections, including the Agartala Municipal Corporation, but has no respect for democracy. Besides, the leaders of the ruling party are completely afraid of the Trinamool Congress. That is why the police are being used to interrupt various programs of the Trinamool Congress. The allegation was made by Subal Bhowmik, convener of the state committee of the Trinamool Congress. He said the police had asked him to cancel the party’s pre-arranged program again. Police had earlier permitted a TMC rally in the local Orient Chowmuhani on Thursday. However, on Wednesday night, the Trinamool leadership was informed by the police that this mass rally could not be held at Orient Chowmuhani on the pretext of crowd and traffic jams. With this news, Subal Bhowmik complained that it is wrong to do so. He said the police had asked the Trinamool Congress to hold a mass rally at the stables. Subal said that it has become a custom to hold public sittings at Orient Chowmuhani and City Center premises in Agartala city. According to him, the police administration is being misused only in the case of Trinamool Congress. Various excuses are being made to obstruct the execution of the party’s program. He also said that in this situation, the public placement program scheduled for Thursday has been postponed. He said a decision would be taken later based on discussions with the party leaders.

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