Arpan Goyal The next generation serial entrepreneur, envisions a new growth strategy for his businesses

Mumbai: Every business needs a new business strategy sooner or later to scale up in the dynamic market scenario today. It is also crucial to keep in mind the pulse of the market and what it demands.

Arpan Goyal, who worked his way up the ladder by initially starting small in his father’s company of wood timber business in 2013. Today he is at the forefront leading Satsangam Woods Pvt Ltd, which he launched in 2018 to cater to specific wood timber requirements in real estate, retail and other businesses. The company is soon going to launch its IPO offering due to its growth and demand for business. The company has clocked in revenue of Rs. 42 crores for FY 2021-22.

Arpan Goyal The next generation serial entrepreneur, envisions a new growth strategy for his businesses

With the growing success of Satsangam Woods, Arpan went on to launch his own salt brand- Sea Pearl Salts in 2020, which offers iodized packaged salt across the country through a strong network of distributors pan- India. Arpan had set up the business by investing Rs 5 lakhs along with his brother and now with unimaginable results the company’s net worth is 24 crores with turnover and profit doubling every 6 months year- on- year.

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His next leap was into gaming where he is offering a new gaming sensation through Big Papa Gaming. Big Papa Gaming has so far raised INR 5 million from an angel investor against 1% company equity. The company started its operations in 2021.

“When I started out as an entrepreneur, I had no idea how to do the things but yes I had envisioned it’s goal and what I can offer the market with my company as there was an apparent need for the same. Working with the same and creating along the way has taken it to greater heights. There are many other major projects in the pipeline which we are currently working on accomplishing major milestones for our company”. Big Papa Company Link

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About Arpan Goyal-

Arpan Goyal holds an MBA degree and also completed a part of his other formal education from Singapore. He has done business programs from business coaches and Bluechip Companies Advisors. He started his career by joining his father’s business of wood timber in 2013 and then started his own company called-Satsangam Woods Pvt Ltd in 2018.

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