The focus is on making booster doses by reducing covishield production

# New Delhi: The monthly production of Corona vaccine Covishield is being reduced by about 50 percent due to insufficient orders from the Center. This was stated by Adar Punawala, CEO of Seram Institute. However, he said that Serum is currently focusing on making booster doses.

Adar Punawala said, ‘There is no other order in hand. So for now, the production of Covishield is being reduced by 50 percent. Then when the order comes again the focus will be on increasing the production. I could not export for eight months. Other countries have provided vaccines to the United States and other countries. We have lost a big market. ‘ Serum also wrote a letter to the Center stating that those who have taken two doses of Covishield need a booster dose. Adar Punawala says, “Before that, we were making 250 million doses per month. But now it has to be reduced.

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