Prashant Kishore claims that an anti-BJP alliance is possible without Congress

# New Delhi:Congress is no longer a factor in the BJP’s opposition alliance. Instead, an anti-BJP alliance is possible without Congress. That is what the voting strategist Prashant Kishore demanded. At the same time, he said, it is not possible to lose a leader like Narendra Modi just by tweeting and holding a candlelight procession. This is not understood by the Congress leaders.

Prashant Kishore said, “Congress has not won a single Lok Sabha election since 1984. Congress needs the support of one or the other party to form the government. Even in the last 10 years, Congress has lost 90 percent of the elections. So an anti-BJP alliance is possible without Congress. Congress leaders think the BJP is being defeated by just tweeting and marching with candles. But that is a mistake.

A few days ago, Prashant Kishore tweeted that leadership is never a right from heaven. The leader of the country should be found democratically. This time, he told the media, if Congress had to change its position, it would have to elect a president outside the Gandhi family in a democratic process. Prashant Kishore said this but in reality, it did not happen. Now Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has become the opposition face of the country. Organizations are getting stronger in other states. Prashant Kishore formula seems to be quite significant in this situation.

Incidentally, several political parties still feel that an alliance at the opposition all-India level is not possible without Congress. This team includes Shiv Sena, Hemant Soren’s party and NCP. Kishore himself met several top leaders of the country. While some parties there agree, others want to continue with the Congress. The biggest example of this is NCP supremo Sharad Pawar. He wants to ally with Congress. He also made it clear. But Prashant Kishore claims that it is possible to form an opposition alliance without them in the current situation of the Congress.

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