Opposition worried about PM’s Twitter hack

#New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle has been hacked. Various opposition parties are concerned about this. Opposition groups…

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This time more charges are being raised for mobile recharge

# Agartala: The cost of mobile phone recharges is increasing by twenty percent in one jump. Airtel has already implemented…

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Engineers have a role to play in infrastructure development: Sushant Chowdhury

# Agartala: Engineers have a big and special role to play in the overall infrastructural development of the country. Engineers…

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Two Chakmas in the list of world scientists of 2021

A recent World Scientist and University Rankings 2021 survey by Adscientificindex revealed the names of a total of 7,07,439 graduate…

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We live in 21st century where we get access to most of the technologies. Or more advanced technologies are still…

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